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Kātoitoi, the Aotearoa Design Archive, curates work that reflects contemporary design practice and the impact of design throughout New Zealand. Kātoitoi curates work that reflects

Q&A with Tor White. Creative Director.

Tor White is a local creative with significant international experience, largely as creative lead for an international travel brand, she is now Creative Director for

A Chat to Three Talented Creatives

Our latest notebook series is a set of three. Each with a commissioned cover illustration. We did a quick-fire Q&A with the incredibly talented creatives

A Desirable Agency

New Zealand has a growing range of  creative studios from the well-known and award winning to the smaller boutique agencies quietly producing beautiful design. All

Q&A with Mark Easterbrook.

Our latest Q&A is with the one and only Mark Easterbrook, creative director, copywriter and generally talented industry professional!

Favourite Things

As part of Idealog’s Design Month 2017, they spoke to Ctrl Space director Chris Stevens to find out a few of his favourite things.

Why Shoot Film?

We’re in love with Si’s blog post about using film in some of his photography. Not a debate on Film vs. Digital. It’s about the love of the craft.

Junior Q&A Series – Intro

Over the next couple of months, we are running a Q&A series with juniors in the New Zealand creative industry. With the aim of inspiring those starting out and giving them advice on what to do and what not to do.

Sam Mathers – NZ Artist

Sam Mathers is a New Zealand artist who has made a name for himself in all the right ways. Portfolio first came to know Sam as a freelance designer some years back. He has since moved away from commercial design to become a full time painter.

Good Fellow – Q&A with Kim Fry

Kim Fry is a Senior Account Manager at MSD NZ Ltd…and he is also co-owner of Portfolio Recruitment and husband of our leader Debbie! In this article we are stepping away from Q&A with someone in the creative industry to talk to Kim who is about to embark on a three month Fellowship for a Global Health Program.

Your Worth in the UK Market

Thinking about heading to the UK for work? Check out Creativepool’s comprehensive Salary Guide and Salary Survey for 2016. If you’re considering the move, pop us an email to talk further.

DINZ Folio Nights 2016

At Portfolio, we love being involved in industry events. The DINZ Folio Nights are a favourite. 2016 see’s us back at Designworks and Switch with Alt Group also getting in on the action this year. Folio Nights? Take a quick look!

To Have and To Hold

Melanie Hight loves her iPhone. She’s just not in love with it — and as long as the printed word is around, she never will be…Get Mel’s insight via Design Assembly

One on One – a moment with Julian Smith

Julian Smith has been at the forefront with some of NZs leading brands as a senior marketer and strategist. He recently left Richards.Partners, one of this countries pioneering strategic brand and marketing agencies after over nine years.

JGL Talks hitRECord with UpRoxx

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is well-known for his talents as a performer, but any creative person knows that a storyteller’s story rarely stops at just one means of storytelling.

How to be your freelancers favourite agency

Experienced, talented freelancers are an asset to a creative agency. They’re your heroes when deadlines loom and workloads run riot, and they bring fresh eyes and skills to complement your team.

Adapt or Die?

Most often in the past, you’d replace someone leaving with a person as close to their skills and experience as possible; how things have changed. In today’s fast-paced world, forecasting your needs ahead of time – say a year out – is just not feasible any more. Skills that are essential now, may not be necessary or viable in the future.

Crazy Talk: The Do-What-You-Love Guide

Crazy talk is what I’m going to give you today, in hopes that perhaps one of you will expand your possibilities. It is possible—I did it, all while working a full-time job, doing freelance writing on the side, and having a wife and six kids.

The 7 TED talks every designer should watch

Since the first conference way back in 1984, TED Talks have inspired us, captivated us, and given us something thought-provoking to watch over lunch. To help you catch the can’t-miss gems of TED’s 300+ design-focused talks, we asked our Twitter followers for their favorites.

Working with Photoshop layer comps

Today we’re kicking off a new project we’re calling Design Snacks—short, helpful videos packed with workflow tips and tricks. In our first episode, you’ll learn a better way to manage and export complex Photoshop files—no more hunting for layers and toggling visibility!