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New Zealand has a growing range of  creative studios from the well-known and award winning to the smaller boutique agencies quietly producing beautiful design. All offer different experience, range and opportunity. We asked a few of our candidates what makes a studio/agency alluring for them as it is just as important for those potential employers to have on offer, a studio culture and environment that is going help their employees develop and work effectively.

What, for you, makes a creative agency desirable to work for?

Steve – Senior Graphic Designer
For me, it’s about the culture and vibe (yes I said ‘vibe’). I’m used to working solo from home a lot managing my own set of clients so for me agency work is about enjoying what I miss when working from home – which is that social side and feeding off other creatives. 

The quality of work that’s coming out is important too don’t get me wrong, but if the environment isn’t a good fit and you don’t feel comfortable to express ideas/concepts  (good or bad) then it’s not very desirable and not really the right place for me. 

Amanda – Senior Creative Artworker
It’s all about people. Being around people who are good at what they do. People that encourage ideas from anywhere. People that appreciate each other’s work. People who contribute to the atmosphere. And of course, a work life balance.

Amy – Senior Graphic Designer
Working with a spectrum of colourful people who are really into their clients. A fun, creative and enthusiastic environment with great music – That’s how you’ll get the absolute best out of me. 

Megan – Intermediate Graphic Designer
Creative agencies are usually a hive of ideas, and there’s this hum always in the background. I prefer agency work because it means I can collaborate with the team on projects coming in, and there’s more variety on work. 

As for what makes an agency desirable – having a transparent relationship with your seniors will help you work better, seniors who only want you to be better is what designers need to feel secure and produce good work. I don’t believe that an agency needs to be “cut-throat” to deliver great creative and award-winning projects. They just have to have a clear set of values they believe in, and a team that knows how to communicate well. 

Russ – Motion/Animation Creative
What do I like about working in an agency? It’s good to work with a crew, it’s the best way to learn new techniques and find creative solutions to old problems

Also getting paid to draw pictures is not a bad life!


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