Junior Q&A Series – Intro

We get such a mixed bag of feedback from clients when it comes to their junior staff. From those who have amazing work ethic and are out there putting in the hard yards, to those who want to jump all the major steps to get to the top, to those who turn up late and leave at 5pm! We’ve heard it all.

Make no mistake, we need to nurture and encourage but also provide good honest advice to graduates and juniors. We all know it’s a tough market to break into with fierce competition at all levels.

In this series of Q&As we are talking to junior/intermediate account execs and designers who we’ve placed in roles recently, to get their insights, feedback and thoughts.

From this we hope to encourage and inspire honest hard work and a genuine passion for the creative industry.

Recently we came across a blog article via another online magazine and thought it a great place to start! It’s titled “6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working” and it is well worth reading if you’re at the beginning of your career or passing it on to the juniors in your life!

While you’re at it, check your CV and get someone else to check it. Someone who has great grammar and attention to detail! Here is another interesting blog post on putting your CV together. There are some great tips in there. 14 Resume Tips and Tricks From an Expert.Junior Q&A Series 2016

Look out for the first installment in this series. Coming soon!


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