Junior Q&A Series – Maybelle O’Connell. Account Exec.

Maybelle O’Connell is Account Executive/Talent Manager for Copper Brand Experiences. She began this role in April 2016. It is her third full time role since graduating in 2014 from Hospitality Management, majoring in Event Management at AUT. Now well and truly on her way in her career Maybelle’s feedback on her journey so far is fresh and a great inspiration.

You’ve been fortunate to get into some great roles since graduating. What did you do to get noticed once you started your job search?
I would say the thing that made me stand out the most in my job search was my experience. While studying at university I volunteered for a number of event based roles as well as completing an internship with an advertising agency focusing on TVC production. Your degree is a stepping stone but its experience that will get you the job.

You’ve moved into Experiential. How does this differ to what you set out to do when you started studying, and even from what you wanted to at the end of your studies.
When I started my degree I had no idea what I wanted to do and that didn’t change once I completed it. I had no idea that Experiential Marketing even existed, I sort of just fell into it. I knew I wanted a job where I wouldn’t be stuck at a desk all day so Events and Experiential seemed like a natural fit for me.    

What is the most rewarding thing about your role?
Seeing all my hard work come to life. Nothing is better than completing a successful campaign and knowing that you were responsible for creating such amazing experiences for the consumer/s.

I’m very fortunate to work with so many great brands and clients at Copper on a range of different campaigns; from instore sampling to tradeshows and large scale activations. Since we are such a small team I’ve been given the opportunity to work on a such a wide variety of campaigns.

In the two years or so since graduation, how have you changed and developed as employee?
I’ve gained a lot of confidence. Working in this industry I’m required to liaise with clients, suppliers and colleagues. No day is the same so I’ve had to learn to think quick on my feet and adapt to changing situations.

What advice do you have for next wave of young guns wanting to make their way? What would you tell your ‘five years ago self’ about the world if you could!?
Gain as much experience as possible while you are studying. Volunteer, get an internship and take as many opportunities as you can. Work hard and make sure you enjoy what you do.

Thanks for your time Maybelle. Just finally, how have your career goals changed recently and what is your focus for the future?
My focus is to learn as much as possible and to continue to grow within my role, eventually moving up to an account management role.  I’m very fortunate to work within an agency that very much supports my growth and success.

In the next few years I would love to see myself working and travelling around Europe. The ultimate Kiwi dream! 

Copper is a New Zealand specialist brand activation agency. We craft live brand campaigns through immersive experiences. We believe in the power of brands delivering effective and authentic experiences to emotionally connect with consumers in a way no other media can www.copper.net.nz

Images supplied by Copper. Two projects Maybelle has worked on. Jim Beam Crafted Longer Kiosk campaign and Gregg’s Box of Flavour campaign.


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