Kātoitoi, the Aotearoa Design Archive

Kātoitoi, the Aotearoa Design Archive, curates work that reflects contemporary design practice and the impact of design throughout New Zealand.

Kātoitoi curates work that reflects contemporary design practice, the economic, societal and cultural impact of design throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. The Archive examines emerging trends, shifting values, building professional archaeology of our people and practice. Like the South Island Robin which the Aotearoa Design Archive is named after, our design community is small but speaks with a large, brave voice that reverberates throughout the world. Kātoitoi, he iti te rahi, he nui te kōrero. Kātoitoi, whilst it may be small, its voice is large.

A Design Assembly initiative Kātoitoi is another path to strengthening and bringing emphasis to the design community in Aotearoa. To find out more visit www.katoitoi.nz



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