Applying for Jobs. Hints and Tips.

We get so many applications each day, and they vary from the ideal to the not so good! We’ve put together some tips on putting your best foot forward. Because each time you apply for a job, or send a query about employment, that is your opportunity to make the best impression. Some of the below may seem basic, but we receive a lot of applications that don’t include a lot of information.

Saying Hello.
Always start with an introduction. The classic ‘Hello Ramona’ or ‘Dear Hone’ is always ideal.

Saying Goodbye.
And therefore always end with a polite sign off, ‘Best regards, Angelica.’ ‘Thank you for your time,’ for example.

Your CV.
Include your CV every time. Even if it is a query, attach your CV regardless. For tips and putting together a great CV, check out our other resources here.

Cover Letter.
Most times, there is no need to include an attached separate cover letter. If you are emailing, the body of your email is your cover letter. Gauge each way you are applying differently – i.e. Seek asks for a cover letter.

Personalise your applications. If you are applying to a few jobs, don’t just copy and paste each application. It is often obvious. When sending your details direct to someone rather than through an online application, make sure you know the name of the person you are sending your details to.

Check. Check. Check.
Check and double check your spelling and grammar. Then check it one last time!

Find Balance.
Don’t make your cover letter/email intro too long. Find the balance of just the right amount of information.

Apply Right.
Avoid applying for jobs that you are under or over qualified for. And, avoid applying to roles that are not within your skill set at all!
You may see roles that you don’t have all the skills they are looking for. If you feel you meet the majority of the requirements are keen to learn, apply and make it clear you’re aware you may not meet all their immediate needs.

Follow Up.
Don’t hesitate to follow up if you don’t get a response. If you don’t get a response within a week, send one polite follow-up.

Respond Well.
Try not to take it personally if you get a message back saying you haven’t been shortlisted or successful for a role. Your response to rejection is always a gauge on the type of candidate you are. You just never know…you might not be right for the role you’ve applied for but there may be future opportunities.