Freelance. Hints and Tips.

We’ve pulled together a few hints and tips to help make freelancing with us even easier than it already is. We hope they are helpful.

Keep in touch.
You don’t have to go next level stalker (best not to go stalker at all really), but pop Annie an email or day time text once every couple of weeks regarding your availability. If you’re going into or coming out of a longer assignment, let her know. And keep your contact details up to date as well.

Flexibility is key!
Having an open mind and flexible attitude as a freelancer ensures you are getting the most out of freelancing and the opportunities it brings. Anything is possible when it comes to being a freelancer. A one-week assignment could lead to a six-month contract or the offer of your dream job! Be prepared too, for things to change in a heartbeat. One minute you’re booked for a week, then the job is pulled or postponed. That’s the nature of freelancing and while it’s frustrating, put it down to experience. Don’t burn bridges or let it ruin a relationship. Be open to different work. You never know what it could lead to.

Keep your CV up to date.
Keep it relevant. There are loads of websites out there with handy tips to help produce the best CV. You can start with some samples here on our website for some inspiration.

And your portfolio too. 
It can be tricky to keep your portfolio current as a freelancer. Where you can, ask if you are able to show samples of work you’ve done at an agency and make sure it’s clearly labelled! Again, keep it relevant.

Check before you accept. 
If you’re on an assignment and you get an offer of other work, before accepting, check in with Annie or if appropriate ask the client if they need you back beyond the agreed end date. Just in case. Communication is key.

It can also be difficult to get current references as a freelancer. So if appropriate ask for a quick reference or feedback where you can. But know your audience, it often won’t be appropriate so if you’re unsure, check with Annie.

Not sure?
Call us, we’re here to help.