Interview Tips

Interview Tips & Notes

Do your research

Use the company’s website and “Google” to find out as much as you can about them, their work, and their people. Your proactivity and knowledge will not only impress the prospective employer and enable them to see you in the best light, but will also give you an insight into them.

Timing is everything

  • Don’t arrive late. Allow plenty of travelling time, including time to find parking – so you minimise the risk of running late. This can add unnecessary stress to the interview and it’s hard to come back from. First impressions do count! If you are running late or in the case that you have a genuine reason for not being able to make the interview, call and advise your consultant or the interviewer as soon as you can prior to the set interview time.
  • Don’t arrive too early! People generally have busy schedules so try not to arrive any more than 5 minutes before the arranged meeting time. This time gives you a chance to see the comings and goings at Reception and can be a valuable insight!

Be prepared

Think of answers to some questions you may encounter from the interviewer. Things like: “what are your strengths and weaknesses”, “how would you handle a difficult client/request”, “what are your career goals”, “what is your career highlight”.

On the other hand be prepared to ask them questions about the role itself and the company – this will reflect your genuine interest and curiosity and also ascertain whether it is the sort of place you would enjoy working. Even if you have a job description, clarify any queries you may have.

Focus any questions you have towards the role or the company not things like “how long is the lunch break”?

Be professional

Turn up appropriately dressed and act in a professional, yet relaxed, manner. When asked about your previous job, express what it is you learned and why you are looking to leave. Don’t be tempted to badmouth a previous employer.

Be upfront

Please disclose with your consultant and the client (if need be) any holidays you have booked etc. that may affect your work or attendance. This is important as any information disclosed before or upon job offer can be perceived negatively.

Be yourself

Relax – let your personality shine through – and SMILE. Fit is very important and could make all the difference between you and competing candidates.

On a personal note

If you smoke, we recommend you don’t have a cigarette right before an interview or on the way to one. Arriving to an interview smelling of cigarette smoke isn’t advisable these days.


Follow up with your consultant with an email de brief of your interview or of course a phone call.

If you’ve interviewed direct, follow up with an email expressing your interest or if necessary that you don’t wish to pursue the role.